OOK innovatie helpt bedrijven groeien

Doing business internationally with reliable people who really help you further? Join the broad network of Your Business Expansion (YBE) and find the professionals who will successfully support your business growth.

Worldwide network

For example, we often engage accredited staff from the Institute for Independent Business (IIB), a worldwide network (IIB Alumni ™) of independent SME advisors. This institute selects, trains, recognizes and facilitates a growing network of independent professionals around the world and has over 30 years of experience helping SMEs around the world improve their performance.

We offer multiple matchmaking services, as individual activities or as part of a project

  1. 1
    Identify and approach buyers for your product or service
  2. 2
    Identify and approach wholesalers or re-packers for your product
  3. 3
    Partners or Joint Venture Identify and approach partners for your company.

For all the above services we can also offer support during the negotiation phases and the implementation of the agreement.

Risc sharing

Because we strongly believe in partnership and cooperation, we are open to discuss risk sharing with you to prove us and to commit to your goals and success.