International business

Do you want to launch a service or product successfully in the European market? As a foreign entrepreneur, you can benefit enormously from our extensive knowledge, experience and far-reaching international network.

You probably know better than anyone else does that it is difficult to make a leap to the European market with a service or product from an emerging economy. Do you see enormous opportunities on the European Market? If so, are you ready to deal with the local regulatory and market complexities? Often the risks are high and the right contacts are lacking. You can count on us to help you reach your goals, whilst avoiding the icebergs on the way. 

Profitable sales in Europe

Under the label 'Your Business Expansion' (YBE) we have helped entrepreneurs from Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Ghana and the Czech Republic in recent years to profitable sales in Europe. We do this in an effective and highly efficient way, for entrepreneurs from all branches of industry. We distinguish ourselves by always working together with a free Opportunity Evaluation Report (OER). This provides a neutral and a balanced starting point for the road to the European markets.

Opportunity Evaluation Report (OER)

We give you a fair perspective, free of charge, on the viability of your growth ambition on the Dutch or European market. Providing you with direct contact with players in your target market is an integral part of this process.

Our Services

OOK innovatie helpt bedrijven groeien

International business development

YBE helps you identify all your requirements and supports and guides the road towards the European market from A to Z, including match-making and management services.

OOK innovatie helpt bedrijven groeien


YBE puts you in touch with buyers, wholesalers, re-packagers and other partners who really help you further.

OOK innovatie helpt bedrijven groeien

Management services

With our multiple management services, YBE helps make your project a roaring success in Europe. Benefit from our knowledge and experience.

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