Help with Innovation

OOK innovatie helpt bedrijven groeien

As an entrepreneur you are full of ideas. But are you also converting them into new revenue models or savings? Is your company ready for the future at all? ALSO Innovation thinks beyond the issues of the day and helps companies grow through innovation. Our motto: improve through innovation.

Interim manager innovation

Do you have your hands full with day-to-day business, so that you hardly have time to innovate? Your innovation project is in good hands with interim manager Bert van den Bos, who specializes in the development and launch of new products and services.

Assessment innovation plan

On paper your plan looks great, but will it also work in practice? What is the potential? With advanced models, OOK Innovation assesses the feasibility of your plan. We identify opportunities and possibilities from a broad perspective and make your plan even better.

Launch product abroad

OOK Innovatie knows that launching a product abroad requires a lot of commitment from a company. That is why we have developed a program to partner with SMEs and to enter foreign markets.
We distinguish ourselves with an Opportunity Evaluation Report (KER). This FREE report gives a fair perspective on the feasibility of your growth aspirations abroad. Direct contact with players in your target market is an integral part of this process. Our large international network helps to make your innovation a success.

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