Interim management

Do you want to tap new markets or absorb peak pressure? Perhaps you want to reorganize?
With Bert van den Bos you get the expertise you need. He earned his spurs in the telecom and energy world and has been a sought-after interim manager and program manager for years.
Dozens of companies benefited from his fresh perspective, expertise and constant drive to improve through innovation.

My Relevant Skills

Conceptual thinking; flexible management approach; tough minded on results; patient and accommodating people manager; ruthless organizer; visionary trend-setter; creative idea generator; experienced entrepreneur; independent, neutral, yet diplomatic communicator; and lastly a pragmatic implementer of change and strategies.

OOK innovatie helpt bedrijven groeien

Interim management for:

business development

If you want to successfully introduce a product in the Netherlands or abroad, or have a smart response to future trends with new propositions, you can rely on the experience and knowledge of Bert van den Bos. With my skills and experience, your business development will get a strong boost. In the past, he was involved in new successfully completing new activities from Flexinet, Libertel (Vodafone NL), fixed telephony in the Netherlands, R&D in China, V-Life service of Vodafone and Always Best Connected, among others. Bert has extensive experience in managing multidisciplinary and complex projects with project members dispersed over different locations.

OOK innovatie helpt bedrijven groeien

Interim management for:

reorganization or transformation

Doing business is constantly renewing and responding to changes, however do you know which innovations really help your company? Bert van den Bos is good at identifying opportunities and possibilities from a broad perspective. In combination with his fresh, independent view, this makes him a much sought after person for reorganizations and transformations programs.

OOK innovatie helpt bedrijven groeien

Interim management for:
dealing with peak periods

Do you need an extra temporary management capacity due to illness or peak periods? Again, Bert van den Bos is happy to solve your capacity problem.

What others say:

"Bert is a driven person, who doesn’t quit and he brings things to the final point. He has respect for people and content and knows how to make Innovative ideas concrete. He offers different perspectives on issues and drives connections between people and ideas. He thinks ahead and knows how to convince people based on content. He offers clear structure and yet allow sufficient space for the ideas of each individual. He lifts the work and enables people to a different level. In teams, he lays the foundation for further growth. "

"Bert van den Bos is an extremely competent and enthusiastic manager. He avoids distance with both the team and stakeholders, which means that he is very involved on all levels of the transformation. We had to get used to his result-driven, yet respectful work ethics at first, but this was soon labeled as 'refreshing'."